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The Burrow


The project titled "The Burrow," juxtapose multiple and inter-connected chapters of videos to reveal the panopticon of a closed community encased in a series of security measures. This body of work portrays the panoramic surveillance of a digital society and the universal plight of all cavemen within the closed-loop system. Yao Qingmei adopts the language of documentary film with an absurd tone to a central control room hidden in an underground cave, a group of tiresome security guards in training, against a highsaturation semi-artificial landscape. 

Exhibition view in Beijing, 2021, Video documentation
The burrow – Poetry & Song 地洞-诗&歌 03.jpg
Worrub eht – Guard & Quietness 洞地-保&安 03.jpg
Worrub eht – Landscape & Spectacle(work in progress)洞地-景&观(未完成版本)01.jpg
Outside the Northeast Corner of Building No.7, 2021

More texts about the work: 

Pamela WONG, Art Asia Pacific, 2021 (EN)

李佳,LI Jia, Artforum, 2022 (CN) 

任越 REN Yue, LEAP Magazine,2022 (CN)

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